Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lake Wenatchee Camping Trip

After Taraz and Megan's wedding the Dannells family headed out on another camping trip. We went to Lake Wenatchee. I was so excited when we pulled up to the campsite and saw that it was on the lake. It was a nice big campsite with plenty of room for two large tents, three one man tents and one camper van.

Here is Lake Wenatchee at sunset.

Ruhiyyih was home from Washington D.C. visiting for the wedding. She is definitely the life of the party!

Rue's and my cozy tent. I took a cue from Bonita and brought soft comfy blankets and some down pillows. It was so nice at night to climb into a comfy cozy bed. My parents let me borrow two of their fancy air mattresses. They even lent me a fancy electric air pump that plugged into the car to blow them up.

Rahmat first thing in the morning. Note the cup of coffee. :)

The first night Rue made some yummy kabobs. He put them all together at home the day before we left. He even put together everything we would need for fajitas the second night. He loves to put together all of the food for camping and then do all the cooking. Ruhiyyih, Melanie and I did the cleanup. We had a great system.

Uncle Frank!!

Our very own tree hugger. :)

Hike up to Hidden Lake


Bonita and Melanie

Rue and me

At one point Rahmat decided to wander off on his own despite the warnings of George. For a while we thought we had lost him and it started to get pretty scary. We decided to head back down to the camp to see if perhaps he had made it and if not then Rue and George would hike back up to look for him with supplies. When we got back to camp there was Rahmat. For a while he was lost but he just kept walking until he hit Lake Wenatchee. He ended up having to wade through part of the lake in order to get back to camp. Needless to say he got an earful when we got back.

Rue decided to take the opportunity to give Rahmat a wedgy while Rahmat was squatting by the fire. But he pulled so hard he ripped a huge hole right into Rahmat's underwear!

The Twins Bonnie and Bonita

The last morning we woke up to an amazing rainbow across the lake. It was so breathtaking you had to just stand there and look at it and soak it in.

"O LORD, our Lord how majestic is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens." Psalm 8:1


Bonita said...

You've got it down to a science, Annie - good sleeping arrangements, great food, and fun. By the way, I've purchased a cast iron skillet for Rue, for his birthday. He made the best Honey-wheat pancakes for breakfast!

Mom said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the Scripture you postmarked that last photo with. Perhaps next time Dad and I can go with...Hugs.

mreddie said...

Great photos - you guys seem to really have a good time on these outings. I could almost smell the kabobs cooking. ec

rachd said...

I could tell everyone had a marvelous time--well, except for that whole Rahmat getting lost thing...

Thanks for sharing your fun time! =)

george wesley said...

Wow, Annie! What great pics and post.