Friday, September 08, 2006

Supporting Our Troops

Every Friday from 5-6pm a group of women called the "Women in Black" go and stand on the corner in protest of the war. On the opposite corner there is a group of people who come out wearing red white and blue and waving American flags in support of our troops and our country. My best friend Hannah read in the Gig Harbor paper that most times there are more "Women in Black" than the supporters. So she really wanted to get out there and show support. She called me earlier today and invited me to come along. When we got there there was only one woman on the corner for supporting the troops. We introduced ourselves to her and Hannah explained that she was the wife of a soldier who just died. The woman was so sympathetic and thanked us for coming. She gave us some flags to hold. Shortly after we arrived Hannah's mom Nancy arrived with three of Hannah's brothers and some of their friends. Hannah's sister Ruth came as well. They had brought some nice big flags to wave. Then another man showed up with a sign saying "Support our Troops". Lucy and Kathy came from our church and then Pastor Mark and Marty Simons showed up. My mom, dad and my brother Ben came as well. My dad brought his camera. My brother decided to get creative by tying one of my mom's patriotic dish towels to his head because he didn't have a patriotic bandana. Leave it to Ben. :) We had such a wonderful time waving and cheering whenever someone honked and waved to us. It was so wonderful to see how many people really do love America and our troops. I was so happy for Hannah to be there. I know that it must have been a real encouragement to her. Even little Gabriel got his own little flag and loved waving it around.

Gabriel with his Grandma.

Gabriel with his Auntie Ruthie.


mreddie said...

That was a great thing to do - good for you guys. ec

rachd said...

I'm so glad you were able to be there to support Hannah. That top picture of little Gabriel is too sweet! =)