Friday, September 29, 2006

Proper Blog Etiquette

I have noticed on some of the blogs I frequent, the person who writes the blog always responds to people's comments in the comments section. I have not been doing this. I am wondering if perhaps I have been being "rude". So from now I am going to respond to the wonderful people who frequent my blog in the comments section. :)


Bonita said...

Annie, it is all a matter of choice. I visit quite a few blogs, and most do NOT offer a response back, and if they do, they send it by e-mail. So, I wouldn't consider it rude if you don't respond, unless they ask a question.

Rarely do I go back to a writer's blog to see if they've left a return comment; I just assume they don't.

I pick up on patterns and decide what to do given the article and other's comments. Like Jess's post on 'Surviving', it was interesting just to see what everyone was thinking. So I went back to check the comments.

mom said...

People will really enjoy having you respond to their comments. It will make them feel loved!

Bonita said...

Ah shucks, there is major truth to that!

Jess said...

I agree with Bonita. I don't think there is a right or wrong with the blogger responding to comments. I am just a chatty sort so I do it often!

I agree with what Bonita said though. I don't often go back and check the comments when I post on a blog unless there is a discussion of sorts occurring and I think I may need to respond to someone who has responded to me. Does that make sense?