Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dannells Family Camping Trip 2007

Once again the Dannells family went camping. We returned to beautiful Lake Wenatchee. My in-laws George and Bonita arrived a day early to save a spot for all of us. They picked two large sites right next to each other and both on the water. There was plenty of space for all of us to spread out and be comfortable.

Ruh did all of the food preparation for our family as he has the past two times we have gone camping. He made kabobs and trout over the fire. One morning we had trout for breakfast which was so delightful.

Bonita set up her little cooking center which looked like it worked wonderfully! She looked so content sitting on a cooler cooking up a storm.

As always Bonita had her video camera ready to shoot at all times. Even is she has to climb on top of a
fallen tree to get the shot she wants!

I think we all really enjoyed the large tree that had fallen down in front of the water. We would often sit and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. At one point Ruh and I were enjoying a nice cuddle moment by ourselves on the log. As soon as we started to kiss Taraz ran down the hill, launched himself off the log and right into the water, in all his clothes! Needless to say we all had a great laugh over that. Megan got it all on camera and I think soon he is going to put the video of the entire trip on his blog. I will make sure to put a link to it here so you all can watch it.

George and Bonita, Taraz and Megan brought their canoes. Ruhiyyih and I went out one afternoon together. Bonnie(Bonita's twin sister) and Frank went in the other canoe. We paddled out to a little lagoon that had lots of reeds, skunk cabbage and lily pads. We enjoyed the sound of the water and the
birds. The view was amazing.

We enjoyed evenings around the campfire. I brought my jar of Postum Bonita introduced me to the first camping trip we took together. I had a nice hot cup every morning and I indulged and had caffeinated coffee in the afternoon for a little pick me up. My sinuses went crazy while we were camping. There was pollen everywhere and I don't think the dust and campfire smoke helped either. Ruh took me to a small grocery store and I bought the only Sudafed they had. Unfortunately it was not non-drowsy so I felt a little loopy when I took it. The mosquitoes got a little persistent and so we were all able to use my new Avon Skin-So-Soft bug spray I bought right before the trip. I really like it! It makes your skin feel soft and it has a really nice smell so you don't feel like you have to shower after you use it.

I love camping so much. Ruh and I are planning on going again this summer and if possible going twice. But I definitely don't want to go alone! There is nothing like camping with family and making lots of great memories!

Remember to pause my finetune player located under my previous entries so the audio does not overlap the video! :)

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Katherine Hall said...

Wonderful pics Annie. Be sure and send some to Susie. I love the silloutte pic of Bonita. Just beautiful. Boy, I sure like to go on your next camping trip! You are so right. The more, the merrier. :)

Katherine Hall said...

...I sure WOULD like to go...
The grammar gremlin bit. :)

Bonita said...

Great shots, Annie! We had such a good time! Let us know when you plan your next trip, and we'll join you...

rachd said...

Wow! You all had a BLAST!! :o)

I'm glad you all had such wonderful family time, and I'm glad you all made it home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing :o)!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a blast. Fun, fun, fun. I hope we can do that every year from now on! :) That worked perfect! I miss you all, already...