Saturday, May 19, 2007

Women's Retreat

This past weekend was the annual Camp Gilead Women's Retreat. Camp Gilead is located in the quaint farming community of Carnation, Washington. Sally Helland, Nancy Suko and Mary Riley went up on Friday and spent the night. Hannah DeRoo and I went up on Saturday for the the day. The retreat is a special time for women to get away and spend time with other Christian women and to really focus on the Lord. There were four workshops: Marriage Booster 101 (taught by Nancy Suko), Organization-It's a learned skill, Controlling Your Tongue, Hospitality Ideas for Family, Friends and Others and Growing Women-Reaching Women. There were also three Chapel sessions taught by Carol Parkinson. At Saturday's Chapel Hannah DeRoo shared her testimony about Gabe's death and what the Lord has been doing in her life. I am so blessed to have her as my dearest friend and I can say that she is an amazing example of what it truly means to trust the Lord.

The main speaker, Carol Parkinson, taught during Chapel about our self-worth and where it comes from. Our worth does not come from how we look, how are homes look or how well we do the things we do on a daily basis, but our worth comes from who we are in Christ Jesus.

Hannah left a little early to get home to little Gabriel. I had a really nice time visiting with Sally, Nancy and Mary. Next year I am planning on staying for both days.


Katherine Hall said...

What a fun pic! Did you all have a good time?

Katherine Hall said...

I really need you to show me how to link your blog from mine!