Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

A couple days ago I got news from my Aunt Karin that her best friend's son fell at work off of an 8 foot ladder, hit his head and is now in critical condition at a hospital in Riverside California. His name is Kevin and he and I were friends when I was in high school. They have him in a drug induced coma to make sure there is very little stimulation as possible to his swelling brain. There are also skull fractures. His wife and family are not even allowed to touch him or talk to him as this might cause stimulation. The can't even do an MRI yet to see if perhaps he had an aneurysm and that is what caused him to fall. No one actually saw him fall so they don't know if he passed out and fell or just took a wrong step. Please be praying for his wife Sarah and for his parents Everett and Tammi. Please be praying the Lord will heal his brain and he will be able to recover. The Lord is good and He is watching over all of them!


Bonita said...

You've got my prayers, Annie. I know first hand how devastating a head injury can be - Rue was in a coma for a week with one when he was 11. Stay in touch, every day, with the family. They will really benefit from your sweetness and good Faith.

mreddie said...

A prayer has been offered up for Kevin. I can so relate from falling off an 8 foot stepladder, my fall from one necessitated sholder surgery for me. ec