Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Preparation for Camping

It's that time of year again! Time for a Dannells Family camping trip. This time last year we were up near the Hood Canal at Lena Creek. Then in September we went to Lake Wenatchee after my brother-in-law Taraz's wedding. We are returning to Lake Wenatchee for this camping trip. My parents-in-law George and Bonita are heading up there bright and early tomorrow morning to save a couple spots for all the family that is coming. This year the list is: Ruh, me and Daisy, George and Bonita, Ruhiyyih, Rahmat, Taraz and Megan, Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Frank, Melanie, Robin and Amber, Laurel and Mehron. And of course we can't forget Buddy, Laurel and Mehron's black lab. My parents will also be heading up for the day on Friday.

Today I spent the day preparing. Ruh pulled all our camping gear out of storage. He also spent the morning preparing all the meat Bonita so wonderfully bought for us for camping. She bought us lots of chicken, brats and whole rainbow trout. Ruh cooked up most of the chicken and put together kabobs that will just have to be reheated over the campfire. I took out all of the cooking utensils and washed them all up. I washed them after we got home last time but I just wanted them to be freshly clean for this camping trip. I went through and pulled out things I knew we would not need and added the things I know we will. I washed out the cooler and put all the food we are taking that does not need to be refrigerated into a big box. All that is left to be done tomorrow is baking cookies, making biscotti, getting some camping gear from my parents and retrieving Ruhiyyih from the airport at 8:30pm. Tomorrow should be nice and calm since Ruh and I got a lot done today. So this will probably be my last post until Memorial Day. There will be lots and pictures and video coming soon! :)


rachd said...

Oh, SO much fun! I hope you guys have the *BEST* time!!!!! :o)

Jess said...

Annie, so glad you guys had such a great reunion. I love to see all the pics- you guys seem to be such a big, happy family. :-)