Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in Pictures...

Here are 12 of my favorite pictures from the past year. It's always hard to stick to just 12 since I have many pictures from this year that I love, but I did my best.

Family photo, Spring 2009, getting closer to having Daniel. (Pic by mom)
Ruh taking care of Daniel for me in the hospital so I could take a little nap. :) (Pic by mom)

Daniel, a day old. (Pic by mom)
Daniel sleeping in a rubbermaid container while camping at 3 weeks old. He and I slept in the car. (Pic by me)
Hiking up Lunch Creek Basin in Glacier National Park, Daniel 5 weeks old. (Pic by Ruhiyyih)
Changing Daniel's diaper in a meadow at Lunch Creek Basin, Glacier National Park. (Pic by Ruhiyyih)
Ruh jumping into Lake Mary at Two Medicine in Glacier National Park after a hike. (Pic by Ruhiyyih)Daniel used to always sleep with his legs tucked under and his bottom sticking up. LA, 2 months old. (Pic by me)
Climbing the front side of Lembert Dome with Andy, Tuolmne Meadows, Yosemite, California. I'm the little yellow dot in this picture. (Pic by Uncle Paul)

Ruh and Starbuck on a hike. (Pic by Ruhiyyih)

Hiking to Paradise Glacier on Mt. Rainier. (Pic by me)

Daisy at Pike Place Market, Seattle. (Pic by mom)


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Daisy! And that one of Ruh and Daniel on the mountain is too cute…that does not look like a place where you would find a baby in pajamas!

Mary Beth

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

The photos sure tell a great story! (Love the pics you selected too! :)