Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Starbucks ornaments...

My Starbucks store is having a fun little Christmas competition.  One of our partners put together little packets that have several little Starbucks items.  You grab a packet and use at least one item from it to make a little ornament.  Then bring it back, hang it on the little trees we have and then customers and partners can vote on them.  And customers and partners can both participate. 

This last Saturday a few of us girls got together and made our little ornaments.  We had so much fun!  I felt like I was back in grade school working on an art project. 

My ornament is the one on the bottom left of the picture.  The dome lids cause a little glare in the picture so it's hard to see that it has a little Christmas tree in it with a little deer figurine and lots of white glitter for snow. 

Sam made a little Santa shoe out of a Starbucks Christmas sample cup with a bell on the bottom. So cute!

 Erin made this cute little Christmas tree out of a sleeve! 

A cute little snowman set in an ice dome lid covered in glitter. 

This ornament took up one whole side of our little tree!  She's a ferry with a little sample cup and coffee beans glued all over her. 

Plus I had to add this picture of my store this morning.  It was snowing pretty hard when I left for work at 5 this morning.  This picture really doesn't show how pretty it all was, snow is always better in person.  :)  (Thanks to Kharla for running outside on her break and taking this pic for me!)

Tomorrow I'm heading over to my friend Hannah's house to decorate Christmas cookies and let Daniel run around with two of her boys (she has three boys with a fourth on the way!!).  Daniel is really excited to get to play with Billy and Bo.  He and Billy are only 3 months apart. 

Can't believe Christmas is less than a week away! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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