Thursday, March 30, 2006

Getting Ready...

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog, but here I am! :) My weight loss efforts have been going well. I have lost a total of 8 pounds. It was 10 pounds but I have been doing lots of cardio and strength training at the gym. A lady at my church who is a fitness instructor said that I would probably see a little bit of weight gain since I am gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I know that my body is definitely changing because I have gone down 1 pant size!! I found some old pants that I had put away because they became too small. Well I tried them on the other day and now they are almost too big!! Woohoo! I also bought a new pair of jeans and had to get a smaller size. I guess the tip to not pay too much attention to how much you weigh on the scale is a good tip. Even though I may have only lost 8 pounds of fat I have replaced 2 pounds of fat with muscle, so the scale can be a little deceiving. I plan on only weighing myself every two weeks if not less than that.
Rue and I have been discussing more about when we will try to have a baby. It was going to be this June but we are now thinking perhaps this next spring. We really want to take a road trip across the country before we have a baby and also, hopefully, go on a cruise. We are actually already saving our pennies and we will see what happens. I know Rue really wants to have a baby because he talks about it more than I do. He pats my stomach and talks about the day when there will be a little baby in there. :) I am really looking forward to being pregnant. I know since Rue and I are waiting we will be nice and prepared. (But of course you can probably never be fully prepared for what a baby will bring.)

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Bonita said...

I had my last child when I was 39, and the only 'cruising' I got was in a canoe...once those babies started coming it was just endless work. But, that is what I wanted from my life - work and family. Looks like you've done some good talking with Rue, and made some adjustments. I hope both of you are excited and happy about the bounties of life. All of it will come your way....enjoy the process.