Friday, March 31, 2006

Suko Family Blog

I really recommend that you check out the Suko Family Blog. Caleb Suko is our pastor's son. He and his wife Christina are working towards getting support to be missionaries in Ukraine. Christina is native Ukrainian. She came to America to go to Bible College. They have 3 kids, Naomi, Mishael and Noelle. I had the opportunity to go on a 5 week mission trip to Ukraine when I was 17. I will never forget the experience of serving the Lord there. Right now Caleb, Christina and their children are visiting Ukraine for a couple weeks. They are visiting Christina's family and also scouting out where they may be needed when they are finally able to go out on the mission field. They have lots of great pictures on their blog. They also have a website, that has lots of great info on what they are doing.


Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

The formatting (tan space behind)on your blog has malfunctioned making it impossible to read the message. I am sorry to make my first comment a negative, I have really enjoyed your blog - found by linking comments on Mr. Eddie's. God Bless!! Diane

Bonita said...

I looked at those sites, Annie, and I know they will be happy to revisit all their old friends in the Ukraine.

Suko Family said...

Hi Annie, thanks for the recomendation. I am glad you have been enjoying our blog. I have enjoyed reading some of your journal entries from your trip to Ukraine!