Friday, June 02, 2006

Dannells Camping Trip #2

(Blogger is only letting me put a few pictures per post, so I will be writing about our camping trip in stages)

My parents let us borrow their little portable kitchen. I call it "kitchen-in-a-box". It came in very handy!

They also let me borrow their percolator for making coffee. I had never used one before. I made myself decaf coffee in the mornings. It made some really good coffee. I had a lot of fun making coffee over the fire.

Here are George and Bonita enjoying morning coffee. Bonita brought foam cups that kept coffee hot for a long time.


Bonita said...

I look like a happy vulcanologist. I'm sure a bear could spot that garb a mile away....

adannells said...

Sorry Bonita! You posted a comment too quickly. I edited my posts before I knew you had commented! :)