Friday, June 02, 2006

Dannells Camping Trip

This last weekend was so much fun. My in-laws, Rue, Daisy and I all went camping in the Olympic National Rainforest. We stayed at the Lena Creek campground. George was so great and he went and stayed there the night before to make sure we got a good spot. We had a great site that had a little trail down to the river. George set up a canopy over the picnic table. On Friday the rest of us went up there. It is about an hour and a half drive from our house. It was a beautiful ride along the Hood Canal. A lot of the houses were so beautiful, and they were very unique as well. I told Rue I felt like I was reading a magazine.

Once we all got there we started to set up our stuff. It was raining lightly so we put on our rain gear. My consisted of a big black poncho. It worked wonderfully. Bonita made a poncho out of a big black plastic garbage bag. Rue told her that she better be carefull because bears like to go through the garbage and they might mistake her for a garbage bag. :) Rue and I found a nice little place in the bushes to set up our tent. It had a big branch right over our tent which we put a tarp over. Out tent stayed dry the whole time.

Daisy had her own little tent all to herself. George put it next to his and Bonita's tent. They had another canopy over their tent which was a great idea. Daisy did not get scared once sleeping all by herself. She is a great little camper!

Here is the Happy Camper on our way to the campsite.

Here is Bonita in her rain gear. I told her she looked like a vulcanologist who likes to get up close to an errupting volvano. :)

George was the King of the Fire while we were camping. He was able to get a large fire going in no time at all!

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Bonita said...

All of you were wonderful campers - and especially Daisy. If we could have that much fun in mud and rain, imagine how wonderful it would be where there was constant sunshine and vista!