Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dannells Camping Trip #7

Megan and Taraz also came on Sunday. Ruhiyyih didn't tell George and Bonita that they were coming, so it was a big surprise. It was also Georges birthday that day and Daisy's was the next day. That evening, before Ruhiyyih left, Taraz and Megan brought out two birthday cakes for all the birthday people in May. We had such a great camping trip! I can't wait until the next one!


Bonita said...

Megan is exquisitely dear, with such profound sensitivity and caregiving skill. She has been such a positive force for Taraz. I hope that all will go well for them at this time, when families and the process of 'consent for marriage' are to be honored. Everything is 'process', and I pray that they will have patience.

george wesley said...

It felt like I was in heaven being with my family at this place.

Thank you for your good question about heaven and hell on my blog. Here is a brief excerpt from one site that discusses the subject in depth you might go to for further study.

"Bahá'ís often speak of Heaven as "nearness to God" and Hell as "remoteness from God." It is possible to be in Heaven or Hell in this life as well as in the next life. The difference is that while here we may not realize where we are, but when we pass into the next life we become fully cognizant of our spiritual state. What greater bliss could there be than to live in the light of God? What greater torment than to know for a certainty that one had shut oneself out from that light?"