Thursday, October 12, 2006


Last week I got an e-mail from Michele (the lady I used to nanny for) and she asked if I would like to come and babysit on Tuesday. Of course I said yes. I had not seen the boys since this last spring. At that time the family did not need a nanny anymore. I had been a nanny for them for two and a half years. I was really excited to see Isaac and Gabe. Isaac is now four and Gabe is a year and a half.

When I arrived I was greeted at the door by Michele and right behind her was a big smiling face. Isaac started jumping around and saying that I was going to play with them. Michele said that she had told him that morning that I was coming over and she said he kept asking all morning when I was going to get there. He immediately wanted to show me the new kitten they had just gotten. He led me into the computer room and there was the cutest little kitten. Michele told me that it was a girl and they let Isaac name her. Her name is Louis (pronounced Loo-ee). Isaac was very sweet to her and made sure to pet her nice and gently. Later on that afternoon we went in to look at her again and he picked her up very gently and as soon as she acted like she was uncomfortable or didn't like it he would put her down very softly on the carpet.

All this time Gabe was shyly watching me. I am not sure if he remembered me or not. But he did warm up to me very quickly and started calling me Annie as soon as he heard Isaac calling me that. Not too long after Michele left it was time for Gabe to go down for his nap. After he was down Isaac wanted to take me outside and show me all of the new toys he had gotten since I had been there last.

Here is some video of Isaac showing me his new toys. Note how often he asked me if he could see the video. He is so cute! :)

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Isaac and I also played Candyland together while Gabe was sleeping. Isaac goes down for his nap about 30 minutes after Gabe. We had a lot of fun playing and Isaac won!

When both boys got up from their naps they ate a snack and then we went downstairs to play. I am amazed at how quickly two little boys can make a huge mess with their toys. It must have been a matter of seconds! We played downstairs for about an hour and then we cleaned up. We went upstairs and got cozy on the couch and I read them stories. I am so glad that they love to be read to. I have noticed how a lot of kids don't want to sit all the way through a story being read to them. I wonder if too much tv is to blame for that. Michele and Andrew make sure that the boys only watch about 30 minutes of tv a day and that's it. They sat nice and still cuddled around me and I read to them. They kept wanting book after book and never got tired of it! I am going to make sure that I read to my kids more than they are allowed to watch tv. I want my children to be able to sit down and enjoy being read stories to by their mom.

After about six books Michele came home. Michele asked if I would like to come every Tuesday so that she can get errands done. Isaac was very excited to hear that I will be coming back next week. :)

Here are some earlier pictures of the boys while I was still their nanny.


Bonita said...

Wonderful day, Annie. Isaac sure wants to see those video clips! The boys have a lot of toys - and Issac was able to make that basket on his first throw. He's been practicing.

Be sure to check out Rach's video showing Lily pushing her grocery basket into the wall. She is walking, and it is so cute with a funny ending.

Loo-ee is cute!

rachd said...

Hee hee, what a fantastic day, Annie! Those kids are so sweet and cute. Four year olds are a riot! =)

Bonita is so sweet to point you towards my blog. =) Lily was really funny, though.

mreddie said...

They looked very excited to see you and they do make a mess when they play - at least my grandsons do. I'm sure you enjoyed this little adventure as well. :) ec