Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stockings for Soldiers

On Monday night about eight of us ladies from church got together and started working on Christmas stockings we are going to send to the soldiers. We are going to send them to Gabe's unit and if there are any extra they can hand them out. We will put Christmas candy, little personal hygiene products and Christian literature in them. We are going to include little stuffed animals they can pass out to the Iraqi children. We are still trying to come up with a final list of all the things we want to put in them. Once we have the list we will hand it out at church and ask for people to donate the items. We had such a fun time visiting as we worked. The time flew by so fast. We completed thirty-three last night and we are going to get together every Monday evening until we are done.


Bonita said...

You ladies are just sooooo good-hearted! There is a tradition of service 'on the home front' when soldiers are away at war. You are now part of that tradition.

mom said...

I'm looking forward to next Monday! :) :) :)

rachd said...

What a wonderful project--I know it will be very appreciated. =)