Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Monday my parents, Gramma, Daisy and myself took a little trip to Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a little Bavarian village located on the Eastern side of the Cascades. It is nestled in the mountains. The stores and buildings are all designed to have German Bavarian appeal. One feels as if they have stepped into the Alps. There is German folk music playing in the town square and some of the shop names include German in them. All of the shops were decorated for fall. Fall leaves outlined most of the doors and windows. There were scarecrows, pumpkins and hay bales in front of some shops. The window displays were so well done. One could tell that great care was taken to make them delightful to look at. Each shop was so much fun to go in and look at the merchandise. There was even a Taffy Shop that Daisy enjoyed the most. I let her pick out a few pieces of taffy to enjoy. I even got some for myself. There was a Belgian Chocolate store and I picked out two Belgian chocolate truffles to take home to Rue. One was a Tiramisu truffle and one was a dark chocolate espresso truffle. We had a very delightful time just walking around looking in the shops and enjoying the fall decorations.

Here is a couple pictures that my mom took. :)


Bonita said...

This little town is a hot tourist spot all year long. Just charming. I'm glad all of you had such a good time. (Your mom sent me photos. She could start a photo blog, or get her photos put on Flicker.)

rachd said...

How wonderful! I love family time with just the "girls"!

Mom said...

A photo blog, I must hear more!