Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rue's Birthday Party

Last night Rue's parents, his brother Taraz with his new wife Megan and his brother Rahmat, my parents and gramma, my brother Ben and my best friend Hannah with her little Gabriel. Needless to say our little apartment was packed but we had such a nice time visiting.

I made two lemon meringue pies earlier in the day and placed out some fruit chips and buffalo wings for everyone to munch on if they desired. I had lots of candles burning. I think it makes the house so cozy when there are lots of candles burning. When people come over I want them to feel comfortable and cozy. I like to have my house the same way in the evening when Rue comes home from work on his dinner break (he works the late shift at work). I want it to be relaxing for him.

We had a fun time watching little Gabriel. He was laughing up a storm as usual and crawling around. He just started crawling about 2 weeks ago and now you have to watch and make sure that he doesn't get into anything that he is not suppose to. Daisy brought out a couple stuffed animals for him to play with. He really enjoyed the big green frog.

Hmmmmm, which one is Rahmat?

I don't think Taraz needs anymore hair than he already has! :)

Gabriel wasn't the only one who got a kick out of the big green frog.

Some video of the party.

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This is a video of Gabriel. I forgot that you can't hold the camera length wise when you take video because it doesn't turn out the same as when just taking a picture! LOL! He is still pretty cute though. :)

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This is a story about Rue when he was 9 years old. He was crossing the highway on his bike in Montana and was hit by a semi truck. It had a cattle guard on it which scooped him up and threw him aside. It protected him from actually getting run over. He was still badly injured though and was in a coma for 2 weeks. God protected him and brought him to a full recovery. And now he is my wonderful hubby!

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You can read more about the party on my mother-in-law Bonita's blog!


mreddie said...

Looked like a great party and I recognized your 'best friend' even with the hair. Lemon meringue is my favorite at the moment and the rest of your menu sounded good as well. Green frogs are also a favorite with us 'older children'. :) ec

Bonita said...

I appreciate all the little touches you give to your home, to make it lovely, warm and cozy. Of course, having a room packed with family of many generations is quite the blessing, leaving us all so happy and grateful. Your pie was outstanding, Annie, and I loved how you put little candles on top of autumn leaves. So very festive.

I had to laugh at your video images turning out sideways - that was a mistake I once made too, when I got my video camera. Our photos turned out dark, unfortunately, due to candlelight, but concessions for atmosphere are always appropriate. It was a fun evening!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Thanks for sharing, Anne! I felt like I was there along with you all :) Hugs to Ruh and you and I will talk with you soon!

BoringTales said...

Wow! Looks like a fun party.

You sure do have some interesting friends! What nationalities are all the ummm...exotic names?

rachd said...

Annie, it looks like everyone had a fantastic time =).

You mentioned the sideways video of Gabriel. Did you know that you can rotate the video on Dropshots? Then, when you hit the "blog" button it is already rotated. Didn't know if this might help.


Jess said...

I love all the pictures, Annie!

Your husband's male siblings seem to posess very impressive amounts of hair. :-) The wig was too funny!

I listened to the video of George talking about Rue's bike accident and I read it on Bonita's blog. How scary for a mother and father! It was nice to hear George's voice. I don't know how I imagined him sounding but the accent is just so different from what I am used to hearing around here that it was kind of a surprise! :)