Thursday, October 26, 2006

Then and Now

One day when I was babysitting at the Schneidler's Isaac wanted to play Candy Land. All of these memories flooded back to me of when I was little and would play it with my brother or cousins. I found the game but when I pulled it off the shelf I was horrified to see that now it is different. The characters are all newly done and they look nothing like the ones I remember on my board game. There are now 4 little boys and girls on the board, one black, two white, and one Asian. When I played there was only a little blond boy and a blond girl. The names of some of the characters are completely different. Instead of Queen Frostine now it is Princess Frostine. Instead of Princess Lolly now it is just Lolly. Plumpy, the little green dog, is gone. Perhaps they felt saying "plumpy" was rude. Even though there were lots of changes Isaac and I still had lots of fun playing together. He had a great time shouting out the color squares as he picked them. I am sure when he sees this game when he is older it will bring back lots of happy memories for him. But I bet when he is my age the game will have changed even more. This gave me an idea. I wanted to look up on the internet all of the games I played as a child, see what they looked like then, and see what they look like now. So here are some of the games a played "then and now". :)

Candy Land THEN

Candy Land NOW

Chutes and Ladders THEN

Chutes and Ladders NOW

Mouse Trap THEN

Mouse Trap NOW

Memory THEN

Memory NOW

Battle Ship THEN

Battle Ship NOW

Twister THEN

Twister NOW

Guess Who THEN

Guess Who NOW

One game I am so delighted to say has changed hardly at all, The Uncle Wiggly Game!!

Uncle Wiggly THEN

Uncle Wiggly NOW


mom said...

They changed a lot from when I was little to when you played as a little girl! I too was disappointed when I bought them for you. Isn't that funny?!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Ah the memories are all flooding back! I used to LOVE battleship and Mouse trap :)