Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Flathead Valley, Montana

I wanted to share this beautiful picture my mother-in-law Bonita took while she was visiting her sister Bonnie and her family. They live in the Flathead Valley in Montana. She enjoyed afternoon walks through the snow and afterwards enjoyed coffee tucked all cozy into the house you see in the picture. Don't you just want to step into the picture on the screen? It's scenes like this that make me wish a picture could transport me to a different place in the blink of an eye just like in the Chronicles of Narnia.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful - almost unreal and about like a postcard! Having trouble with comments - had to go anon to get it to post. ec

rachd said...

Simply beautiful =).

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh - all of us are trying to figure out how to comment on the Beta Blogs! We sure can't use 'Blogger', or it won't go through!

Thanks for featuring Flitzy....and that house is not Bonnie's. It is the house she sees across her meadow. Just an enchanting place. See you tomorrow, Annie.

Warmest regards, Bonita

adannells said...

Oops! I'm sorry Bonita! I thought the picture was of Bonnie's house! Either way it is a gorgeous setting. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Annie, I didn't clarify the 'house image' in my post. The way the article reads, it is a natural inclination to assume that the house was Bonnie's. It just was a better photograph than the one I took of Bonnie's house... :)

See you tonite! Warmest regards, Bonita