Saturday, December 30, 2006

Update on Gabriel

Gabriel came home from the hospital yesturday and is doing okay. He does have pneumonia though. They gave Hannah medication that she suppose to give him and he is going back to the doctor for a check up really soon. Praise the Lord that he is home though and can rest and so can Hannah. She did not sleep very well at the hospital and now she has a cold. So thank you for praying and keep praying that he will get completely better! :)


rachd said...

Thank you for keeping us updated, I've been so worried! Every time I have logged on, I have come here to check on little Gabriel. Pneumonia is bad, but if they sent him home he must be on the mend! =)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Annie....I bet they are pushing the fluids and getting plenty of rest. I'm glad both of them are home. They'll do O.K. ~ Bonita