Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Lights Are Out!

Just to let everyone know we are without power! I am writing this post to you from my parent's house because they have a wood stove and a generator, but only a small one. So we had to unplug the freezer and then plug the cord into the computer so we could all check our e-mail real quick. Our power went out on Thursday night at 10:30pm and has yet to come back on. There were trees down on lots of powerlines near our house so it may be a while before we have power again. I have taken pictures and some video but I will have to wait to show them to you until I get home to our computer. I also have video of a family get together we had at George and Bonita's on Thursday evening. Ruhiyyih is home for a visit from Washington DC and we had a really fun time with everyone there. So until then... :)


mreddie said...

That sounds like quite an adventure in keeping warm during the outage time. I'll keep checking for the photos. ec

rachd said...

I had seen there were devastating storms in Oregon and Washington and was hoping you all had gotten through without any ill-effects. I'm SO sorry!

We were without power for eight days after Hurricane Isabelle in 2003. It was awful and I really sympathize with you all. May the power be restored quickly!!

Jess said...

Hang in there! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure all of this has been! I was so glad I purchased tons of groceries before we had this massive storm. Our gatherings during Ruhiyyih's visit were so delightful and memorable, and I hear she cooked a good brunch for you on Sunday when church was canceled. One thing's for sure - you will all enjoy taking a good shower every day once the power comes back on! This is something I would really miss!

Take care, Annie ~ warmest regards, Bonita