Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

As you can see my cat found her new comfy place under the tree. :) But soon she will have to find a new place because in that spot will be presents. We got a fake Christmas tree this year and boy is it so much easier to take care of than a live tree. And it will be so nice when the holidays are over to just put all the ornaments away, fold it up lights and all, and put it back in it's box. I would have liked to have gotten a much bigger one but the big ones were almost $100! I looked all over for a cheaper big one but the cheapest was about $80. So I decided to stick to the small one. I think it's pretty cute! :)

Here are some of my favorite ornaments on the tree. I am still building up my ornament stash since we have only been married a couple years. My mom gave me som
e of the old ones from when I was growing up.

This is one I bought last year. I bought a couple of them and gave one to Hannah and Gabe for Christmas.

My sister-in-law Ruhiyyih gave us this one our first Christmas being married. The couple inside actually move in a circle.

Here is one from Christmases past. We had this one hanging on our tree for as long as I can remember.
Here is another one from the past. I decided she should have the place of honor on the top of the tree.

Pinochio was given to me by my Grandparents when I was in elementary school.

This is my Gardening Chick. My Aunt Karin bought this one for me two summers ago while we were in Mammoth. They had a cute little Christmas store that was open year round.

And last but not least are the two rocking horses. Here is the blue one and it is a little hard to see. There is also a brown one. We had these since I can remember. I loved when these ones were pulled out of the the shoebox and hung on the tree. One belonged to me and one belonged to my brother. We have since forgotten whose is whose. I think the brown one was mine but I could be wrong. I hope my children will be able to grow up with these and ornaments yet to be bought hanging on the tree every year for Christmas. And then I can pass some of them down to my children when they are married. :)


mom said...

What a pretty tree! I know you and Daisy are really enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow night (as well as all those old ornaments). I pulled out the "DAD" ornament to put on the tree and he had a broken arm. I need to glue it back on. :) (That cat of yours is too much.)

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I love your pictures, Anne! They turned out so good, with the holiday glow to them :)

rachd said...

What a lovely tree! I loved your ornaments. =) One thing Brien's grandmother began doing as soon as her grandchildren were born was to get them an ornament for Christmas every year. That way when the kids got married and moved away from home they had their childhood ornaments and memories to take with them. Grandma still gives us (I got included once we married!) ornaments every year and B's mom and dad have started giving the grandkids ornaments.

Don't you just *love* seeing your childhood treasures on your tree? Don't they evoke fabulous memories?? =)

mreddie said...

Great tree! I really like the idea of having a heritage of saved ornaments - each with a story of its own. ec

Jess said...

My mom split up our childhood Christmas tree ornaments between Rach and me a few years ago and I love to hang all those ornaments that have so many memories attached to them.

I love your little tree! It is so festive and charming. We are still in the process of decorating ours... for some reason it is taking weeks this year, lol.

benji said...
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benji said...
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benji said...


Your tree is b-e-a-yutiful! Even if it is being held up by a N64 box!! I have updated my blog and would appreciate your input. This new post is going to take about 20 minutes of your time, but it is well worth it.


The Brother

Bonita said...

Beautiful holiday images here, Annie - I hope to see your ornaments. Meantime, I've seen the photos your mom sent of the Christmas program, and you look so pretty singing your solo. Daisy, too. Take care, and I hope to see you soon.