Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Compare Shall We

I went for another little walk this morning and took some comparison pictures of today and yesterday. The pictures on the top are yesterday and the pictures on the bottom are of today. If you look closely there are some differences. I measured the snow today and it measured 15 inches!! Crazy!

So far it looks like we may still be able to make it out of Seattle tomorrow night on our flight to LA. Barring anymore major dumping of snow it looks promising. I am expecting we will be delayed somewhat but as long as we still make it to LA before Christmas I will be happy. We are suppose to depart at 8pm tomorrow and arrive at 10:30pm. Ruh is just going to take us to the airport before he goes to work. We will be there about 7 hours early but with the crowds and back-ups its probably best that way. I am going to check our flight status before we leave for the airport. Please pray we are able to make it out of here and our flight does not get canceled!


Katherine Hall said...

I am blown away! And I'm missing it! Sigh...

The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps...I'm where I'm supposed to be, and if you are supposed to be here, you will make it too!

Overcomer said...

I just had to come at look at these pics again. By the time Dad and I make it home I'm sure this will all probably be gone. You can really see the difference in the huckleberry bush there by our sign. I'm truly amazed at all the snow! Enjoy it for me!

(All this snow inspired a new post at Overcomer Annie.)

Lord-willing we'll see you tonight!

Love from Mom