Friday, December 19, 2008

Living Frugally

Ruh left this article open on the computer for me to read this morning. It is about a family of seven who live off $44,000 a year! The part I found so interesting was their food budget for an entire month is $350! Right now our food budget for a family of three is almost $600!!! Wow! If I can change that I want to know how because we are going to have to buy more and more food as our family grows. If I could trim our food budget down by $250 a month we could afford for me to only work 16 hours (which is all the hours I am getting right now anyway)! I was getting 20 hours a week which allowed me to give Ruh $600 dollars a month towards our new mortgage. Now I am getting between 15 and 16 hours which only allows me to give Ruh about $400. This was going to make things pretty tight. It HAS been really nice not working as much, especially being pregnant. So maybe if I am more frugal things won't be so tight. The article says they plan a weekly menu, something I do as well. But they plan the menu around weekly specials and deals. I just plan my menu and if something I buy happens to be on sale then great. This may require me to go to more than one grocery store but if it saves that much money it is totally worth it. They have written a book called "America's Cheapest Family" and I plan on buying it. They also have a website and a blog. You can read the article here.

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Overcomer said...

Of all the people that will put their mind to something and do it Annie, I know it's you! Stay warm! Can't wait for you to join all of us next Tuesday!

Love from Mom