Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In: A Winter Wonderland

Well, Daisy and I are hunkered down here at my parents' house. My parents are nice and warm down in LA right now. Ruh and I decided it would be best for us to come over here in case of power outages. We only have electric heat and my parents have a wood stove. The forecast called for high winds and lots of snow. We didn't want to risk being stuck in the house with no power or heat while Ruh was off at work. My brother is here as well. Ruh ended up spending the night at work. Well, the high winds never struck here, just mainly in the foothills of the Cascades and along the Strait. But we did get LOTS of snow! It started snowing around 3pm and continued to snow until 11:30pm. We could literally watch it piling up. Ben and I ran to the store when Daisy and I first got here and grabbed some food that could easily be made with water that had been boiled on the woodstove. I also brought supplies over to make spaghetti which can be easily made on a woodstove. I was kind of looking forward to cooking the old-fashioned way but there was no need as the power never went out. But we stayed nice and toasty all night.

This morning was beautiful, a winter wonderland. I woke up first and started a fire. After I ate breakfast I bundled myself up. I left all of my snow gear back at our house so I had to borrow some. Everyone here has much bigger feet than me. I found my mom's snow boots and strapped them on anyway. My feet were swimming in them. Then I grabbed a coat off the coat rack which must have been two sizes to big. But I was nice and toasty. I stumbled my way outside and into the foot deep snow. I walked around the property taking pictures as I went. Since then it has started snowing big fluffy flakes. Now I want to sit down enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and watch A Christmas Carol. And maybe a little later go a roll up a good snowman.


Overcomer said...

WOW Annie, that's amazing!!! Definitely a record. WOW, WOW!

Love you,
Mom (And yes, I do have bigger feet than you!)

Overcomer said...

Beautiful pics by the way. I love the icicle pic!!!