Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Baby Shower

Last night Ruth Rogers and Hannah Clark put on a baby shower for Hannah Waldock and I at church. Hannah W. was in Bangladesh when little Kyra was born so the church wasn't able to give her a baby shower until now. It was so much fun having a joint baby shower. Especially since she had a girl and I am having a boy. Everyone got to giggle over boy clothes and girl clothes. My mom did the wonderful devotional and you can read it on her blog Overcomer. My mom is amazing!

At the beginning we played a game and Hannah and I were the only participants. We had to close our eyes and allow different baby food to be put in our mouths. Then we had to guess what we thought the baby food was. It was sometimes rather disgusting but it was fun and in the end I got two wrong
(though technically I got three wrong) and she got three wrong so
we both got a little prize.

Here's little Kyra!

And here's Daniel all ready to come out and play!

Even Kyra's big sister Tirzah received a few presents.

Daisy enjoyed looking at all of Daniel's clothes. I think it is starting to sink in that she has a little brother who is going
to be here very soon! :)

Here is Ruth's little Leo and Hannah's Billy. What would a baby shower be without babies around?! You can view the whole album of shower photos (taken by my mom) here!

Thank you Ruth and Hannah for a lovely shower!


Bonita said...

This was so sweet, the combination of both celebrations! I can just see Daisy saying, "Oh that is soooo cute!"

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day! So much to celebrate. That was so sweet of Ruth and Hannah! I can hardly wait to hold lil' Daniel in one of those outfits :)