Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Handmade Baby Gifts

I love all things homemade. There is something about the fact that someone took the time to create a little something by hand that makes the gift that much more special.

Linda Christensen always makes a adorable fleece blankets to give to new little ones.

Here are onsies Barb Lewis made for Kyra and Daniel. She simply bought plain white onsies and then added her own little decoration to them. So cute!

And here are the bibs I made for little Kyra.


randi said...

Lots of fun goodies! Handmade gifts are just the best because people put their love into them!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Adorable - I love homemade best - as they are made with love!

Rach said...

What precious gifts! Handmade items are made specifically with THAT baby in mind. Perfect!

And, your shower looks like loads of fun. Remember how awful that baby food was when you are feeding little Daniel and he doesn't want to eat it. :oP

Hang in there. The last few weeks really are the worst. I think they're like that so you are just happy to get the baby out no matter how it has to happen. ;o)