Saturday, June 06, 2009

Baby Update

No Daniel yet! My due date isn't until June 16th but one can always hope he will come early. My last appointment was on Tuesday and I am 1 cm dilated and having very early labor contractions that are not painful at all. Most of the time I hardly even notice them when I am up and doing things. This week was to be my last week of work but the doctor told me to take this week off because my feet and ankles are swelling pretty bad and four hours is too long for me to be on my feet. I work at a drive-thru Starbucks and there really is no time to sit down. I do get a 10 minute break in there but he said that just wasn't enough.

My little guy is still moving around like crazy. They say a baby's movement should slow some at the end because they are running out of room. Not Daniel! I am sure he is running out of room but that's not keeping him from stretching, kicking and punching (and he likes to punch my bladder and other areas down there that aren't so comfortable!). He has dropped and his head is down so he doesn't do flips anymore but he is still moving. It's too cute when he stretches his legs out because it pushes his little bottom out! I love to sit there and pat it when he does that. I'm thinking I am going to have my hands full especially when he can start crawling and then when he starts walking!

Early Thursday morning I went in to the emergency room with a severe migraine. I had called the 24-hour nurse and she told me to go in just to get checked out and you really don't want to take any risks when you are pregnant. It was one of the worst migraines I have had. I can usually get in the shower or put an ice pack on my head to take the edge off the pain but nothing was even touching this one. They took my vitals and then hooked me up to an IV. They gave me an anit-nausea medication which relieved my nausea instantly. Then they gave me a narcotic for the pain. The first dose took the edge off the migraine but didn't take it away so they gave me another dose. The doctor said the only way it would effect Daniel is to make him groggy so if for some reason he had been born right then he would have been loopy but it wouldn't harm him in any way. Well, not my son! He was still moving around like normal! See, another example of how much energy my little guy has! He was drugged up and still moving around! I'm sure he was feeling the effects of the medicine but that didn't stop him. So anyway, they kept me there for a little while to watch me and then they sent me home. Needless to say I slept better than I have in months! I am really hoping and praying I don't get another migraine like that while I am pregnant.

I have my next appointment this Tuesday and he will check me again to see if I have progressed at all. I know you can stay dilated at a 1 or a 2 for a while so I am not expecting anything, I am just hoping!


Katherine Hall said...

...and guess who else is hoping! But since Daniel's days are numbered and the Lord knows just how many hairs he has on his sweet little head, he'll arrive just on schedule! Sounds like the Lord is knitting together a very active little guy! Enjoy these last few hours and days. Your life is going to change drastically soon, and will contain indescribable joy!

Rach said...

Hang in there! It'll all be over before you know it and you'll wish he was back in so you could get some sleep, lol!

No, seriously, I'm so anxious for your little guy to appear so I can finally "meet" him! :o) Those last few weeks are truly the worst because you are SO excited to meet your newest family member (and, well, let's face it, those last few weeks are just tough).

I'm so sorry about that migraine. Oh that's stinky. I pray you have no more before little man arrives.

Bonita said...

I do have to laugh at your active little Daniel ~ I've been praying for decades that Rue would get a child just like he was! I felt it to be a just revenge...but, I didn't factor in the impact on YOU! (I take it back, God, really, I do! We can call off that deal, HEAR ME?)