Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have been gluten, dairy and egg free since last spring. My migraines have all but disappeared and my daily nagging headaches are gone. I was always exhausted and my head foggy. Now my energy has evened out and my head no longer foggy. I cannot say enough how wonderful it has been to be rid of my headaches and migraines. I don't have to carry Imitrex around in my purse and make sure I have it with me on vacations. I let my prescription expire. My cholesterol is steadily dropping and my naturopath says I am very healthy.

I still have some extra weight on me though and it's being nice and stubborn about coming off. My naturopath said they are finding that some people extract more calories out of their food than others. Apparently I am one of those people. She said it's great if you have to live off the land, but not so great when you live where you can get any kind of food any time you want. Maybe I should audition for Out of the Wild, I'd probably do pretty good! She said basically for me to lose weight and keep it off I am going to have to work my rear off, literally. Lots and lots and lots of exercise. She gave me a three week detox to give my system a little jump start.

I am now finished with week one! This week started out pretty miserable. On the second day I came down with a severe migraine, I was throwing up and in bed all day. I was really second guessing my choice to do the detox, why in the world would I put myself through this on purpose! But my hubby reminded me that I spent quite a bit of money on supplements and a special protein shake mix and I would basically be throwing that money away if I quit. I had the migraine for about 18 hours and then it went away and I have felt great ever since! I am so glad to be over the hardest part. Now it's just plow through to the end.

I realize that I must come up with a course of action for when the detox is over. If I just "fall off" the detox it's not going to do me any good and probably cause harm. My plan includes lots and lots of exercise, small, nutritious meals through out the day and very little sugar. Dessert will only be for special occasions. If I want to lose the weight bad enough then I am going to have to work for it hard enough, no short cuts or compromises.

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Bonita said...

Annie, I'd recommend making a food diary. List everything you eat and drink. Especially, at the beginning of the day, determine what foods will comprise your meals, so they are packed with nutrition. With this diary you will see 'patterns', which you will address like a General determining how to win a battle. If a food isn't on your list for that day, written down, you just don't eat it! That cuts cravings, as the thought for a food just doesn't get reinforcement.

You'll be building muscle if you exercise more - but the biggest impact is a greater sense of invigoration and happiness, from the endorphines. It changes brain chemistry, and thought patterns.