Thursday, March 01, 2012

Discovering Discovery Village...

My friend Hannah asked if I wanted to meet her at Discovery Village with Daniel. I had never heard of it so I looked up their website. We met Hannah and her boys Billy and Bo, her sister Ruth and her son Leo and 5 week old Jacelyn, and our other friend Hannah and two of her girls Kyra and Jerusha. There is a central area with tables and a little cafe so moms can get coffee and visit with each other and easily keep an eye on their kiddos at the same time. There is a big play area, an area to play in moon sand, a little grocery store, a pizzeria, a train area and a water area with pretty rocks and a little fountain. The kids had a great time and us moms enjoyed catching up. I took my camera along and totally forgot to take pictures until the very end! Daniel, Billy and Leo really liked the rock and water area. They probably would have stayed there for hours if it hadn't been time to go home. :) Looking forward to going back and playing some more!

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