Monday, March 26, 2012

Yummy food...

I was over at my parents' the other day and my sister-in-law Mai was making a packing my brother's lunch for work. They bought these nifty little food containers in Vietnam. Each layer is a separate compartment. She was packing him steamed veggies,
chicken and rice. I would love to have some of these for Rue and for family outings.

On Sunday Ben, Mai and Charlie came over for Sunday lunch. I cooked a pot roast and Mai made Korean soup and rice. We ate it all Vietnamese style. Each person had a bowl of rice in front of them and everyone used their chopsticks, or spoon in my case (I need more chopstick practice) and took from whatever they wanted little bits at a time. In America we would think that is rude and call it "double dipping" but it is very appropriate in Vietnam. The soup had beef, shrimp, tofu, zucchini, two different kinds of mushrooms, scallions, red pepper flakes, and a soy paste seasoning. It really is a fun way to eat a meal with family. Ben said that in Vietnam they take about 2 hours to eat a meal together. I think Americans should do more of that. :)

Charlie sure liked it. :) Sadly, last night, my back took a turn for the worse. On Friday my lower back started feeling sore and each day it got a little worse. Last night lightening pain went down the left side of my lower back down in to my leg. Now I am having a hard time walking and basically no position is comfortable. I had to call in to work this morning. I am calling the doctor this morning. I have feeling she is going to tell me to just rest and ice and heat my back. I don't work again until Friday so that gives me a good chunk of time to nurse my back. I am going to take this time to get some sewing done and probably some scrapbooking too. Hopefully I can find a comfortable sitting position to do those things. I am pretty sure it is my sciatic nerve. I had sciatic nerve pain when I was pregnant with Daniel and something has aggravated it now. I will see what the doctor says.

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