Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Pond Trail...

This morning the sun was peeking through the clouds so I decided to seize the moment and take Daniel outside. There are some trails I have been wanting to check out in McCormick Woods near our house so that is where we went. We checked out the Big Pond Trail. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get out of the house even though it was cold and threatening rain. The woods were so serene and the ponds had ducks and geese floating in them. Not to mention I had the cutest little hiking buddy. His sweet little voice would break the quiet with excitement over a cool stick he just found or a cool tree he liked or some great sticks he wanted to throw in the water. And then of course he wanted to hold Momma's hand.

Daniel and his walking stick.
For some reason he really liked this tree. He climbed through bushes and over a log to get to it. He banged on it a little bit. It reminded me of hiking with my husband and his brothers. They like to find dead trees and work as hard as they can to push them over. Don't worry Daniel, I am sure they will teach you when the time is right. :) Here is a video from 2008 when my husband, my brother-in-law Taraz and I went on a little hike when we were camping at Lake Wenatchee. In this video you will see their tree crashing in all it's glory. The last tree is the most epic. :)

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After our little hike today Daniel and I stopped by my parents' to say hi to everyone and warm up by the wood stove. Uncle Ben made waffles for the boys.