Friday, November 02, 2012

Fall reading...

When fall comes around I always seem to feel the urge to read two wonderful books by Catherine Marshall, Christy and Julie.  I read both back when I was in high school which was over ten years ago now. (Yikes, that's kind of scary to say!)  No matter how many times I read them they are still just as wonderful as the first time I read them.  The copy of Christy I have was given to my mom for her junior high graduation which was waaaaaaaaaay more than ten years ago.  (Yikes, I hope she doesn't read that!) It's a bit delicate so I am doing my best to take good care of it.  The copy of Julie I have was given to my Great Grammy Dorothy Sundin by her son Carl and his wife Diane for Christmas 1985 which was get the idea, the books I have are old.  :)

"When Christy Huddleston leaves a life of privilege and ease to teach in the impoverished Smokey Mountains, her faith is severely tested by her pupils, the love of two men, and the curious customs of the mountain people in her community. Yet she grows to love these people and the simple, fulfilling lifestyle to be found in the heart of God's country. First released in 1967, Christy is based on the life of author Catherine Marshall's mother and was the inspiration for the recent television series of the same name. Beautifully told, this is a charming, timeless tale of love and faith that will appeal to romance readers of all ages". --Maudeen Wachsmith

'Julie Wallace is just eighteen in 1934 when her father risks their life savings on a struggling newspaper and moves the family to a flood-prone Pennsylvania town.
It is here a young woman's convictions take firm root, as Julie finds herself taking sides when battle lines are drawn between desperate steelworkers and the mill owners who control their lives. And it is here where her heart and her loyalties are torn, divided between two special men. But when a devastating natural catastrophe becomes the ultimate test of courage and commitment, Julie's remarkable inner strength will come to the fore — a strength born of faith and love." Barnes and Noble Overview

If you haven't read these two books before I highly recommend them!  :)  What is your favorite fall read?

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Betty Ann White said...

I love those two books, and I'm pretty sure I read the same copies you have!

Auntie Annie <3