Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lunch with the siblings...

Today was going to be my decorate for Christmas day but there was a happy change of plans.  Rue's brother Taraz is visiting from Denver and sent a text last night asking if he could stop in for a visit today.  Of course!!  When all was said and done it turned into an all Dannells sibling lunch.  (Taraz is the cool guy in the middle of the above picture hugging Daniel.) Taraz, Rahmat, Ruhiyyih and her husband Matt had gone on a hike (in the rain) before hand so they arrived cold and hungry.

I had a big pot of beef stew, spaghetti squash casserole, cookies and Starbucks freshly brewed coffee waiting for them when they arrived.  We had a lovely afternoon visiting and just hanging out and relaxing.  Rue got in a game of Street Fighter 2 with Taraz and the guys also played some Foosball out in the garage.  Ruhiyyih, Daisy and I had a girls' pow wow in Daisy's room discussing plans for the upcoming long holiday weekend.  And I rubbed Ruhiyyih's tummy a lot as she is expecting her first little sweety pie in February! 

Here is Rahmat and Ruhiyyih.  He's tall, handsome and single ladies! :) 

They will all be back on Thanksgiving along with Rue's parents and mine.  Sadly my brother Ben, my sister-in-law Mai and sweet little nephew Charlie won't be able to come all the way from Anchorage.  But hopefully we will be able to do some Skyping with them.  

Daniel forlornly watched out the window as everyone left.  Don't worry sweety, they will all be back on Thursday!  :)

My Christmas decorating day has moved to tomorrow.  I went and bought a couple more strings of Christmas lights today after everyone left.  Walmart, in the evening, on a Saturday, is quite crazy, just so you know. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That was such a FUN day - thanks again for such a great lunch :)