Monday, April 02, 2012

Mud and Sunshine!!

Today was absolutely beautiful! The sun was out and the temperature was right around 60 degrees. I was going to sew all day but quickly changed my mind when I saw how beautiful today was going to be. Rue pulled the lawn mower out of the shed and did the first lawn mowing of the year. To hear the rumble of the engine and smell the freshly cut grass was so wonderful. I flung open the front door, the back door and the windows. Daniel and I went out and did some weeding. I also accomplished another project that I have been wanting to do but I am going to wait to post pictures of it until my husband sees it first. :)

I let Daniel get good and dirty! He was so happy. I even skipped his afternoon nap. I just couldn't imagine making him sleep through the sunshine. He played in the mud and even brought me a little bowl of mud for me to "eat". He saw me weeding the flower beds and brought me a couple little dandelions to add to my garden. I dug little holes for them and stuck them in. He was very happy to have added to my garden. :)

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