Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012...

Easter was lovely. It started out with a wonderful church service and then lunch at our house with my family and Rue's parents. The sun was shining and it easily reached 70 degrees. At one point we were all out in the front yard sighing with content at the feeling on the sun on our faces and shoulders. It has been way too long. (Mom took all these pics.)

Daniel and Charlie discussing the weather and economy. Daniel was very interested to hear about the differences between American and Vietnamese cultures. (Mom gave me money to buy them matching Easter shirts.)
The men discussing how to fix a leak behind our washer without having to call a plumber. I love having handy men in my life. Charlie will be overseeing the project.
The lovely Halls. They will be leaving for Alaska in May. They will be living in Healy and my brother will be working at Denali National Park. They plan on staying after the summer and purchasing a nice chunk of land up there. My plan to thwart their leaving is well under way. ;)Mom and Dad. The reason Dad has such a cute grin on his face is because he is glad he actually made it to the ground without injury. Daisy should have been snapping pictures of his adventure getting to the grass. We don't call him Grampa for nothin'! Isn't Mom purrrty! She just lost 50+ pounds, got her hair highlighted and started wearing big hoopy earrings. She sure is a hotty!

Could Daisy be any prettier?! Still can't believe she will be 16 next month! Wasn't she just 8! Where did 16 come from?!

Huntin' eggs!

Each egg had an M&M inside which the boys were quick to gobble up.

Leave it to boys to find the single patch of dirt on the lawn and step in it...

...and sit in it and throw it and EAT it! Charlie loves the taste of dirt and chocolate.
Rue's parents George and Bonita, the love birds. :)Happy spring time everyone! He is risen!!

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