Saturday, April 14, 2012

My new fire pit...

I am very excited about my new fire pit. I know it's nothing fancy but it will serve it's purpose nicely. I like to think it's rustic. The reason there is moss on the stones is because I stole them form the front yard flower beds. I wanted to make my fire pit without spending any money. The key hole shape is for cooking outside. I will build a fire in the round area and rake coals into the square area where I will do my cooking. I will use my Lodge cast iron dutch oven for most of the cooking but I also want to experiment with other methods. I can put a grate over the square section and do some grilling. I am hoping to get some good practice in at home so when we go camping I will have all the kinks worked out. Bring on summer!!!

Starbuck says hi. :)

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