Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who left the water running...

A little while ago I noticed that our laundry room floor was starting to bubble up.  Not good.  We knew we had a leak somewhere.  Rue crawled under the house and found a leak in the pipes going to the washing machine.  The above picture is from Easter.  My brother Ben and Rue were discussing how to go about fixing the problem.  Little Charlie was to supervise the project but the day the repairs were to be made his Momma put him down for a nap. The guys were almost lost without his leadership but they pulled through on their own. 
They started by opening up the wall.

Then they started ripping up the floor and found a nasty, wet, moldy mess. 

Here is the little hole that caused all that damage! Basically every time I was doing a load of laundry water was being sprayed under the floor. And I do LOTS of laundry!

Ben heading into the dungeons. It's fun having a secret passage way in the bottom of my pantry. Can't wait to use those mason jars for some canning!  :)

Oh the bravery! There's creepy things down there, there's crawly things down there, there's squishy things down there.  Rue calls it our "end of days" hideout.  That would be the only thing that could get me to go down there.  
 Looking through a hole in the laundry room floor.  Apparently there are prehistoric sized pill bugs down there and slugs with fangs! I think someone has an over active imagination. I could never be found guilty of that!  I asked him to check for zombie spiders and he said all the spiders down there seemed friendly.  (For a refresher on our zombie spider epidemic click here.)  ;) 

So right now the floor is all torn up and we are drying out all the wet floor boards.  Thankfully none of the floor joists were rotted.  We have a dehumidifier I will be putting in there at night and hopefully that will speed the drying process up.  I can still do laundry at home thankfully.  It will be a while before we will get nice flooring to put down but right now we are just thankful to have the leak fixed and a roof over our heads.

I am so thankful to have such handy men in my life. I am so thankful to have a husband who wants to learn how to do all these things on his own so he won't have to pay someone else to do it.  At this point we only had to spend $40 on a couple of supplies.  (And $10 for pizza for the hungry workers.)  That's pretty good compared to the hundreds of dollars we would pay a repair man to do the job. 


Nathan and Rachel Waldock said...

Does Ben know how to "sweat" copper pipes? Not even Karmen or Joe Grisban wanted to get into that. They called a plumber to deal with the copper pipes on remodels that we did.

Annie said...

I'm not sure Nathan. I just let the guys do their thing and trust they know what they are doing. I know it was a little complicated but it's fixed now and we don't have a leak anymore. :)