Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ruston Way 5K...

This morning at work my fellow Starbucks barista Hannah talked me in to doing a 5K on April 21st. It's the Ruston Way 5K in Tacoma. Ruston Way winds along Commencment Bay with gorgeous views of the water, Vashon Island and views of Tacoma and Mt. Rainier. It took me about five minutes to decide to do it. I knew that once I promised Hannah and registered for it then there would be no backing out. Right now I am figuring out my training schedule and since it is just a 5K the training sessions won't take too much a chunk of time out of my busy days. I am really happy she talked me in to it. It has been two years since I ran my first 5K, it's about time I did another one. :)

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randi--i have to say said...

hi annie!

i plan on running a couple of 5k's this year too. maybe a 10k by the end of summer. we have lots of them to choose from here, so i don't really have any good excuses! :)