Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunny weather...

We woke up to another gorgeous sunny day this morning. We went to church this morning and after Daniel had a little rest we headed out to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It was almost warm! Rue had to go to work and Daisy stayed home to finish up some math homework.

We drove out to Manchester, a cute little town on the water. There is a tiny public beach there, probably the smallest, cutest little public beach I have ever seen. The only problem with this little beach was there were no rocks! It was all sand. When I told Daniel we were going to the water he got all excited about getting to throw rocks in the water. This is the first beach I have been to in Washington that had absolutely no rocks! So we walked back up towards the car and found a little dirt patch that had some rocks in it so we gathered up as many as we could and took them down to the beach. They were gone all too quickly but Daniel got to throw some rocks in the water. After the rocks were gone I showed him how to draw in the sand with a stick. He really enjoyed that and kept drawing in the sand until we left.

The view was gorgeous! You can see the full skyline of Seattle. If you look closely towards the left of the picture you can see the Space Needle. This is another moment when I really wish I had a better camera. It's just not that good for distance photos. And we could see Mt. Rainier. I sure can't wait to go do some hiking up there!

My Aunt Karin arrives tomorrow night from LA! She will be visiting for a week. On Wednesday my mom, dad, Aunt Karin, Daniel and I will be heading to Leavenworth and we will be spending the night. I know Aunt Karin is going to LOVE Leavenworth! I just can't wait to see her sweet face! I probably won't be posting anything this week since we will be out having fun but I will be taking lots of pictures and will have a fun post up in about a week or so. Have a good week everyone!

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