Monday, January 09, 2012

Zombie Spiders!

I hate spiders. I hate zombies. Here's how the two became combined in my world.

There has been a spider living in the corner of my bathroom ceiling for a while now. I left him alone mainly because he stayed in that corner and I couldn't reach him to mush him with a tissue. He left me alone, I left him alone. It was a mutual agreement.

Well, one morning that spider was not in his specified corner. I soon discovered that he had violated the terms of our agreement and had traveled down from his corner close to the floor. Sorry dude, you must die. He was then mushed into a tissue and thrown in the garbage. Or so I thought!

Rewind a little bit. My hubby has been trying forever to get me to watch the show The Walking Dead. If you haven't already guessed, it's about zombies. As stated before I hate zombies. This is not just, "I think they are gross and would prefer not to watch them.". This is a loathing all out fear of them. I could watch 5 minutes of a zombie movie and have nightmares all night. No joke! I hate them.

Well, somehow my hubby got me hooked on The Walking Dead. The storyline is very intriguing. Too bad they can't just leave the zombies out. You know, just refer to them without actually showing them. Hey, I'd watch it. So my viewing of the show is pretty much me keeping my face behind the laptop during the zombie scenes. It works pretty good.

Fast forward back to the mushed spider. The next morning I was getting ready for work and who do I see? The spider. But he is no longer a normal spider. He is limping along with two of his legs broken, kind of swerving to and fro just like... a ZOMBIE! Now not only do I have a spider to deal with now I have a ZOMBIE spider. Two of the things I hate most in the world and now the two are combined. Dude, not cool! And before I could grab some tissue to try and re-mush him he limped his way under the bathroom door. I opened it and he was nowhere to be seen. Oh, great! Now I have a zombie spider on the loose going and turning all the other spiders in my house into zombie spiders!

Visitors beware, the Dannells' house has zombie spiders.


Kathy Hall said...

I haven't laughed this hard, in months...

Kathy said...

Hi Annie. I read your sweet comment on my blog and had to jump over here to meet you. Little did I know that you would have me bent over laughing with the first post I read! I am one of those odd people who actually like spiders. I'm with you all the way on creepy Zombies though! I spent a bit of time here this morning and have enjoyed meeting you and your lovely family. I'll be back!

Karin Koontz said...'d better check under the toilet seat...