Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Weather 2...

Well, this has been quite the week. A huge winter storm blew through Washington leaving massive amounts of snow and ice. The icicles are hanging from my parents' porch. If you can believe it they actually got much longer than this, reaching to almost the bottom of the windows!

This is the pond at my parents', so pretty!

Tuesday night Daniel, Daisy and I headed over to my parents' house in case of a power outage since they have a generator and a wood stove and we have neither.

Daniel loves to help my mom do the dishes. She puts a little blob of soap bubbles on the counter and he rubs them all around. Sometimes he puts them in his hand and then claps his hands showering himself and my mom (and me) with suds.

Daniel even helped my dad fold the laundry. He is such a good little helper. I hope I do a good job of encouraging his helpful spirit. My dad would shake out the towels before folding them. Daniel was very good at doing it like Grampa. :)

Shortly after this Daniel came down with a cold and had a fever and was my little cuddle-bug for a couple of days. And alas, he passed the sickies onto me. Now I have a monster sore throat, the chills and aches.

Even though I have really enjoyed all the snow this week I am looking forward to this next week and getting back into our regular routine.

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Kathy said...

Grandkids are the best! Just ask any grandma or grandpa.