Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy weather...

It has been snowing here and it is suppose to snow for a couple more days. I am loving this winter weather! I wish it was like this all winter long. Daniel was so excited to see the snow when he woke up yesterday morning. I took him outside for a little while. We played in the front yard and then took a little walk around the block. Every bird we saw was a "snow bird" according to Daniel.

It snowed some more last night and this morning Rue took Daniel out to build a snowman.

Not sure what they ended up building but they sure had fun doing it. Daniel saw something shiny and lost his focus. :)

We are suppose to get dumped on again tonight and tomorrow so we are heading over to my parents' now just in case. They have a generator and a wood stove if the power ends up going out. It wouldn't be very fun to be stuck here with no power and no heat. Maybe it will come to nothing but I would rather be safe than sorry. Plus it's always fun to spend the night at my parents'. :)

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Bonita said...

Love your posts again, Annie! Glad you were safe and sound through the storm. Your balsamic veggie jars sound really efficient, for a quick grab on the way to lunch.