Monday, May 07, 2012

The best kitchen ever...

  This weekend my in-laws went on their first camping trip of 2012.  They headed over to Eastern Washington and camped near Potholes.  My mother-in-law sure knows how to cook while camping.  And what an amazing view to look at while cooking dinner!  I have a feeling they took their dinner plates down to those two red chairs and soaked in the view. You can view the flickr album my father-in-law posted here.

I cannot say enough how I am longing for some good Eastern Washington camping right now!  I can't wait for the hot, dry air with the delicious sent of the sage brush floating around and just simply living outside for a week.  Our big Dannells' family camping trip is planned for the end of July.  It can't come fast enough! :)

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Bonita said...

Indeed, there was an amazing view, and we took our dinner down to those chairs! I'm so eager too, for our July camping trip together!