Sunday, May 27, 2012

Campfire Cooking...

Saturday evening I did some campfire cooking.  My parents came over to enjoy the meal with us.  My hubby just bought me the tripod and cast iron dutch oven you see in the top picture.  I didn't actually get to use them because the dutch oven arrived in the mail earlier that day and I still needed to season it before I used it.  I just wanted to see them set up.  :)

 I made a couple piles of charcoal and had a little wood fire that I burned down to coals.  You can't tell in the picture but those beans are bubbling away.  I wrapped corn in foil and also made little biscuits wrapped in foil.  In the dutch oven at the top of the picture were the pork ribs.  I put charcoal underneath and on top of the pot to bake the ribs. 

I accidentally made up the biscuit recipe.  I added one too many ingredients but everyone said they turned out absolutely delicious and my hubby preferred them to the original recipe.  So I am going to make them that way every time! I will share the recipe in an upcoming post.  I flattened the little balls of dough into little disks and put them in foil.  I made sure to leave space in the foil so they could puff up when cooking.  I rotated the little tents of foil half way through baking time on the coals.  I am taking everyone's word for it that they turned out perfect since I can't eat gluten.  This is one of the few times when I lament my gluten-free-ness, when I make something scrumptious and can't try it myself. After they are done baking they have a campfire, rustic look that I love.

RIBS!! Steaming hot, fall off the bone, BBQ saucy goodness, ribs! 
My mom had her campfire biscuits with butter and honey.  The corn didn't cook as fast as the biscuits so we ate the corn last.  I know this meal was lacking in greens but that's okay, we eat lots of them the rest of the time.  This is the kind of meal my hubby wants when we are camping.  A good hearty meal after a day of hiking and playing.  I am glad to get to practice my campfire cooking skills before we go camping that way I can fix any kinks before hand.  Plus I just plain love cooking outside. 

The funniest thing though was that while I was in the middle of cooking this meal outside the power in our whole neighborhood went out.  So while some people were probably heading out to grab some fast food or take-out I was cooking away in the backyard not even effected by the outage.  When the power came back on about an hour later Rue said "Oh good, you can cook dinner now!". :) 

I had to include this picture of my handsome men. :)

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