Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

As this is being posted we are headed up to Snoqualmie for a little Cinco De Mayo party.  The picture is of Snoqualmie Falls.   So pretty! I love where I live!

For the party I made a Tres Leches cake.  It is made out of eggs, milk, flour and sugar.  I am allergic to eggs, milk and gluten so this cake is pretty much made up of everything I can't have.  So I wasn't able to do any taste testing.  But it is a Martha Stewart recipe and Martha has not failed me yet so I trust it will be delicious. (Instead of the chopped pineapple on top I am doing chopped strawberries). 

As I was making this cake I pondered what tres leches means.  It calls for three different kinds of milk and as I was mixing the THREE MILKS together I continued to ponder.  I continued mixing the THREE MILKS together and continued to ponder.  Yeah, I'm quick like that.  Don't worry, it dawned on me about 15 minutes later. 

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

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