Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Alaska or Bust...

  My brother Ben, his wife Mai and little Charlie left for Alaska yesterday. Ben will be working at Denali National Park. And yes, they are driving.  They are going to take about ten days to get there and will be camping along the way. A part if me wishes I was going with them on such a fun adventure.  I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss them. The past few days I smooshed Charlie all up too many times to count because I knew I'm not going to get to do it for a long time.  And the next time I see him he's probably not going to be so much a baby anymore.  Well, that probably doesn't matter, I will still smoosh him up the rest of his life. Watch out Charlie!

Isn't he just so smooshable?! 

I have a feeling they are going to miss each other.
The coats were a Christmas present from Great Gramma so my mom made sure to take pictures of them in their coats before Charlie left. 

Daniel loves his Auntie Mai.
Bath time! 
Happy, clean boys!
I sure love that little guy!
  (Just ignore that thing on top of my head. It's my "I'm- working -in -the -garden and- need -to -keep- all -of -this -hair- out -of -the -way" hair do.)  :)

Golly, I am going to miss them!

I had a little bit of the blues yesterday because of their departure so I sent a text to my sister-in-law Ruhiyyih and planned a coffee date with her and Daniel this morning.  Daniel is very excited to see his Auntie "Heeyah".  It's a beautiful, sunny, spring morning! 


Kathy Hall said...

Your blogs always bring smiles and laughter into my life Annie - love you, and miss them, too!

Mara said...

Charlie is so cute! I think I would smoosh him, too.