Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day...


Mother's Day was absolutely delightful.  We stopped at my mom's house in the morning and had breakfast over there and I gave her our family picture from Easter, enlarged, matted and framed.  Then Daniel, Daisy and I headed over the bridge to my in-laws' in Tacoma where we had a big family lunch.   In the Dannells' family there are LOTS of May birthdays. Five to be exact.  So we had a little Mother's Day/May birthday celebration. 

My mother-in-law Bonita's back yard is literally a little oasis in the middle of the city of Tacoma.  There is a plum tree, cherry tree, lots of flowers and a little play cabin she built for Daisy when she was little.  She built it all from scratch. It's complete with a little ladder leading up to loft.   It is the most charming little cabin you will ever see.

Daniel playing with his Uncle Rahmat.  

My sweet mother-in-law Bonita.  
 Yes, Daniel did that to Uncle Rahmat's hair.  :)

Daniel wanted his own little chair. :)

I gave George a Washington hiking book.  I have the same one and the last time I pulled it out he was oohing and awing over it so I thought it might be a good birthday present.  :)  

Laurel and Mehron gave Daniel a new backpack and he didn't take it off the entire time we were there.  He even wanted to sleep with it that night.  He and Auntie Ruhiyyih played a little game of hide and seek.  He went into fits of belly laughter when he would find her.  :)

 Daniel brought me some lilacs for Mother's Day.  :)  It truly was a lovely day. 

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