Friday, February 24, 2006

Grocery Shopping

Today Rue and Daisy are up at Crystal Mountain snowboarding which leaves me all by myself. I slept in a little bit and then went to the gym. After I ate and took a shower I headed on over to the grocery store. I usually go on Friday mornings at 9am. But I didn't get there until about 1pm and it was crowded! When I go in the morning there is hardly anyone there and I don't feel as stressed and I want to just take my time. Today I shopped as quickly as I could.
Starting Monday I get to start in the second phase of the South Beach Diet! I am almost done with the first phase and am really happy. So far I have lost 4 pounds which isn't as much as most people on South Beach, but I am NOT quitting. I may lose it slowly but I am happy to be losing it.
So anyway, I was able to buy things today that I will start eating on Monday. One thing I have not had for 2 weeks is bread. I am so looking forward to being able to eat a sandwich in the afternoon made with whole grain bread! (I am still not allowed to have white bread or simple starches like potatoes.) I never thought I would be so excited over bread. :) Another thing I can start eating again is fruit. I bought some grapes, bananas and oranges. (We already have apples.) I also bought some dried berries for a sweet treat when I need it. For breakfast I bought all-bran cereal and 1 % milk to go with. I bought cute little mini whole wheat bagals for breakfast and light cream cheese. The cream cheese is also for a yummy South Beach sandwich I will be making that has cucumber, lettuce, and cream cheese made on whole wheat bread. I bought oatmeal so I can make some South Beach Oat Muffins for breakfasts also. I did buy some boxed sugar-free pudding for desserts. I made homemade pudding a couple months ago but because I would have to a lot of an artificial sweetner in order to make it from scratch I decided just to buy the boxed kind. Splenda is pretty expensive!
I am really looking forward to Monday! Only 2 days to go! :)


mreddie said...

My diet is almost naturally occuring since I stay away from things that make me feel sluggish. Those things include - milk, fried foods (and chips), peanut butter, mayo, most cheeses and several others. You might say that my allergies dictate my diet. :) ec

itsboopchile said...

Bless your heart! You are really sticking to it. I printed your first post on the diet and now am printing this one.
Maybe, just maybe, I will try it. My only failing is I don't exercise. I have enough trouble just walking so don't do much of that without my walker.
Anyway your posts are encouraging me to try to diet better. My dibetic diet is easy to cheat on!!!
We will see!!
Thank you for sharing with us.
See you, Betty G

Bonita said...

Wonderful photo, Annie - I just love it! I pressed on the photo to make it larger, and I'm impressed with your selections - really good stuff.

I know you will eat that bread with new appreciation. I look forward to the strawberry season. Oh, just to smell the freshness and glory in spring.

Anonymous said...

You should go to Freddy's and offer to stock shelves for Ruh. It looks so organized and professional. Good enough to eat! =) Love you, Mom